Einstein Pets 1.1 calorie treats!!

Einstein Pets 1.1 calorie treats!!

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Cha-Cha Coconut: Oat Flour, Coconut, Apples, Honey, Carrots, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chia Seed. (for HEALTHY skin and coat!)

PB&J Time: Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Blueberries, Chia Seed.

  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Sourced from the USA
  • One Calorie per Treat
  • Wheat, Corn, and Soy-Free
  • Infused with the Superfood Chia Seed
  • No Chemicals, Sugar, Salt, Artificial, Flavors, Colors, Fillers, and Preservatives

ONE CALORIE TREAT. Our All Natural Omega Dog Treats are made using pure, simple, delicious and nutritious ingredients that you will recognize immediately. All are always made with fresh human grade ingredients from scratch in small batches by hand. They never contain any chemicals, preservatives, wheat, soy or corn. We have also incorporated the amazing "super food" Chia Seed into our healthy recipes. These powerful little seeds are high in Omega goodness for healthy bones, coat, and teeth. They are also a great source of fiber for healthy digestion.